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Fall Things I Love & Why I Can’t Wait!

We had an amazing couple days here in Indiana weather wise. It was 65 and partly sunny one day and about 60 the next. The weather had me SOOO EXCITED for fall! I love cooler weather, winter has my heart, but fall is a close second. There’s just something about being able to wear sweaters, boots, and cardigans that just gets me all warm and fuzzy. I’m not just saying this because I’m wearing my Barefoot Dream cardigan lol. But really, it feels like a cloud!

I love when the leaves change color and start to fall. Sadly, they usually fall way too quick in Indiana, at least the last couple of years. We live relatively close to Brown County State Park and I swear the trees are so beautiful if you can catch them the one week they are still on the trees. hahaha. In all seriousness, I wanted to share some of my favorite things that have me so excited for fall! One of them being fall candles! I’m a HUGE candle lover in general. We always have some lit when we are home and also use the wall plug ins. Bath and Body Works is my go-to for candles. One reason, being they’re so affordable (I wait for a sale) and another being the variety of scents they offer. It does help that there is a store two minutes from my house. Some of my favorite I love are:

While I’m writing this the candles are on sale for $12.95 and there is a $10 off $30! I’m gonna be picking these candles up for sure!

Next, I love wearing boots and booties. I could live in them. Knee high boots are some of my faves, this season I’m looking forward to wearing my suede boots! I own these now, I bought them from Nordstrom Rack while the Anniversary Sale was happening. They had this years boot on sale but it was three times the cost so I opted for these. I’m not someone who cares if it’s “last season”. If something is cute it’s cute! The black boot is from Vince Camuto, I bought them this year during the sale. They come in multiple colors, but now they are almost $250. I think that is crazy, I love duping things and Forever21 always carries boots like these and so does Charlotte Russe! If you want to splurge, they are an amazing boot but like I said you can get the look for less!

Next, I loooveee sweaters!!! I was browsing on Forever21 today because I have been seeing so many bloggers share posts featuring some cute sweaters. Don’t get me wrong sometimes I splurge and I have! However, most people can’t afford to do that, I can’t either right now. Right now, I’m constantly looking for dupes or something to give me the look I’m going for at an affordable price. I’m going to share some of the cute sweaters I found while browsing on Forver21 today!

The white sweater comes in a gorgeous green color too! I can’t decide on cream or green! Help me! Also, none of these sweaters are over $25!! I love shopping at Forever21 because there are always so many cute styles added every day! Trends are CONSTANTLY changing so I tend to buy more expensive basics and items I know I will wear for years like my jeans for example.

Another reason I love fall is the makeup. I love dark purple lips and I cannot wait to be rocking it all fall long! I know you can technically wear whatever you want! However, a lot of colors will be more “in season”. For example, I tend to not wear as much pastel colored makeup in the fall or winter and I usually wear more warm and smokier looks during the fall and winter. I really have been loving the Tarte Toasted palette and Modern Renaissance palette last fall and I can’t wait to use them more!

Fall also means pumpkin patches, apple cider, and more outdoor activities! We have so many festivals in the fall in my city centered around food, (my favorite) and I look forward to them every single year. I love getting my apple dumpling at Oktoberfest and getting Apple Cider from the apple orchard! I also get to play more disc golf because it won’t be so crazy hot outside! It’s also a great time to go camping and hiking because the temps are more bearable. I know a lot of people look forward to Starbucks’s Pumpkin Spice Lattes. I love hot chocolate, I drink it year round, but now I won’t look so crazy while I drink it! I’m actually drinking one while writing this post! hahaha.


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