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Why You SHOULD Be Wearing Colorful Eyeshadow

I remember the first time I used green eyeshadow on my eyes. I was getting my hair done at a salon and she also sold makeup. She told me I should try some of her stuff out and see if I like it so I did. She handed me a trio eyeshadow palette, it had a bone color, a green, and a cool toned brown. Little did I know it would spark a new way I would do my makeup everyday. It sparked a new interest and passion.

Let me start by saying I have brown eyes. To be honest I have always never really cared for them and wished I had blue or green eyes. Every time I see a girl on Pinterest or Instagram wearing literally any kind of makeup their eyes are ALWAYS popping and they stand out. I have tried to use the exact same makeup and followed what they did but it never looks the same. I realized that I wasn’t using shades that would make my eyes pop. I learned more about color theory and did a lot of playing around with makeup. I fell in love with makeup and my desire to use colors. I know a lot of makeup lovers prefer warm tones and neutrals, I don’t. I prefer cool tones, especially green and purple shadows. They make my eyes pop and I always get sooo many compliments on my makeup when I wear them it’s insane. I love when I do someones makeup and they trust me and let me use color. They end up loving the end result and didn’t realize they’re eyes could stand out like that.


Viseart makes my absolute favorite green eyeshadow palette. It’s what I’m wearing on my eyes in the picture above. It’s called the Absinthe palette. I used every single shade in the 6 pan palette to create my look. I do have a tutorial on this palette on my YouTube channel. Just scroll to the bottom of the page to check it out.

Purple is a fabulous color to wear as well. I love it on my eyes and love it on blue eyes as well. I have even used it on a bride for her wedding and she absolutely loved it! Viseart also makes my favorite purple palette its called the Amethyst palette. Kylie Cosmetics has a purple palette I really enjoy as well.


Teal is another color that I think is beautiful there are a bunch of fun colorful palettes out there that have a pretty teal. I love the Blue Honey palette from Kylie Cosmetics. Pic below.


My point is, I hope you at least experiment with color. I think you might be surprised and in a great way. If you have brown or hazel eyes especially, I highly recommend you try wearing these colors if you usually never do or would. I understand you may not be able to try colors out for work, I get it. However, if you’re about to go out for a night out with the girls, reach for that colorful palette instead of the go-to neutral palette.


2 thoughts on “Why You SHOULD Be Wearing Colorful Eyeshadow”

  1. Totally feel ya on what you said about having brown eyes! I grew up feeling the exact same way and makeup did really change that for me, but I’ve gotten so lazy with it lately!! I need to get back into wearing colours, thanks for the inspiration!! šŸ™‚

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