Fitting Room Diaries: Forever 21 (Sept. 10th)

Finding cute yet affordable clothes is my mission in life. Alright maybe thats a bit much but it is one of the reasons I love sharing my outfits with you all. I hope I can inspire you and bring out your creative side when it comes to styling your own outfits.

Today my fiancé and I went up to the Indy area and decided to stop in at Forever 21. Last time we went I didn’t find anything I was really in love with. I always have a rule that if I don’t absolutely love it I won’t get it because if I do it will probably just sit in my closet. I also look for things that make me start thinking of different ways to style it. Today, a Monday, it was different. I think the lack of a huge crowd helped. I usually get overwhelmed if there is a lot of people in a store and end up not even shopping around. I started to pull different pieces right away and my brain started turning. I wanted to keep this trip quick so I narrowed it down to five items. Of course I also took plenty of pictures to share with you what I tried on and why I loved it or why I ended up not loving it.

First up, I tried on this adorable flannel top. I only have one flannel in my closet and its almost too small for me now. I was drawn into this one since it is black and white. I love how I can pair it with so many things! I can layer it with a Moto jacket that I own, wear it with just the leggings I happened to be wearing today, or even wear it with boots and jeans and have the front tucked in just a tad. It’s really flown and light weight. I ended up buying this top.

Next up we have this cute camo crop top. I usually hate camo and I don’t own any. I know A LOT of people love it and a lot of bloggers wear it constantly but for some reason I used to always just steer away. I saw this top and loved how it was dark colors and was almost mostly a dark grey/blue. The sleeves are cuffed and it had buttons down the center with a cute collar around the neck. I fell in love but my fiancé didn’t like it and I ended up putting it back. Maybe if I find it online I’ll just have to order it ;).

I also tried on several dresses. This dress I saw right as I walked in and I fell in love. It’s kind of a bold pattern but nothing too crazy. I love that its navy and mustard yellow. I thought it would be adorable with my Sam Edelman Tall Suede Boots. They’re a pretty, caramel color. They are about knee high and I thought it would be a perfect fall outfit. I also love it with my Tory Burch’s too. It has a tie you can tie in the front or the back. I tied it in the back because I like the look it has as an almost T shirt dress. I did end up buying this dress. It was only $15! Beware it’s slightly shorter than I would like in the front but if you have a smaller chest it would be perfect in length!

This dress is definitely more “summery” however, I am going on vacation to Florida in about 15 days so I thought it would be a perfect dress to bring along with me. Lately my eye has been drawn to everything mustard lol. This dress is so cute. It has little maroon and white flowers on it. It has buttons all down the front of this dress which is perfect for me. If they are too far apart the fabric will look odd around my chest and usually it won’t fit right and will be too tight and look like it’s pulling. It makes it really comfy and flattering. It flares out on the bottom which I love for my figure. It also has a cute collar detail. I can’t wait to steam this dress. lol. I ended up buying this as well! It was the most expensive thing I bought at only $22!


This last dress was just a definite no for multiple reasons. It had no support at all for the girls. It was a wide open show lol, hence why I’m holding it together in the left picture. This dress would be super cute on someone who has a smaller chest. It’s striped with maroon, white, black, and mustard stripes. It was so adorable but just not meant to be. This dress was a hard no from me for obvious reasons.

That is everything I tried on today. I found three adorable pieces I am so excited to add to my wardrobe. I wish I would have bought that camo top but comment down below if you think I should get it or if you agree with Chris and you’re glad I didn’t buy it! I want to hear your thoughts! 🙂 I have to say I was also very impressed with the lighting in the fitting room. Usually some places have horrible lighting, I had my pick of rooms though since we were practically the only people in the store at the time, which helped!


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