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How To Pack Makeup For Vacation

As a makeup lover (and lets be honest, maybe a hoarder), I have a hard time trying to decide what makeup to pack for vacations and trips. I have to have everything very organized and have options as well. When flying it can be even more difficult especially for me because I like to keep it to one checked bag and only having my purse as my carryon. I don’t like having to worried or haul a bunch of bags through an entire airport or to a hotel. I think it leaves room to forget things on vacation and if I give myself too many options on vacation I can get overwhelmed. I learned pretty quick if I bring too many options chances are I won’t use about half of it and I risk breaking and ruining my makeup. R.I.P. to my champagne pop highlighter from BECCA :(. I travel more than I feel the average person does and I wanted to share some tips and products that I like to bring with me on vacation to maximize space.

Here is an overall look of the makeup I am bringing with me to Florida tomorrow morning. Keep in mind the brush cups behind are not coming with me. lol.

To some people this may be A LOT. To me its actually less than what I used to bring with  me before. I know a bunch of people who pack even more than this and I used to be one of them. Since I am going somewhere sunny and warm, I know my skin tone will change. When I know this, I bring two foundations, contours, and bronzers. I also bring two highlighters. One is travel sized from BECCA so if it were to break I won’t feel as bad about it. First and foremost, if you can afford to or have travel sized makeup, TAKE IT. I am a girl who can’t bring myself to spend even more money just to have travel sized makeup. If I traveled once a month I would consider it. However, four to five times a year isn’t enough in my book to me.


I love to bring palettes. I think you can get a lot and it saves space in my suitcase. I am bringing these two blush trios from Morphe. One is called the blush colored trio and the other is pink, in case you are wondering. I love having blush options especially since I like changing up my eye makeup. I can’t commit to just warm or cool tones especially since we are trying to take photos for our save the date’s while we are down there.


One of the hardest things for me to narrow down is hands down eyeshadows. I actually was only going to bring the born to run palette and the natural eyes palette until I did a look with this pumpkin spice palette from Makeup Geek the other day. I loved the look and it blended so well. I knew I had to use that palette for pictures. The natural eyes palette is my go to palette. The Born To Run palette has sooo many colors in it. I even did a three looks one palette video on it. (check it out!) I love how many looks I can create with it. It’s important to select one or two palettes that you know you can create a ton of looks with. Another go to palette for vacation is the original Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette. I know I will want an everyday look palette and I want something I know I can create a good color look from. Honestly, I could get away with just the UD palette, but I packed pretty light on clothes so I have the extra space.


Lastly, Brushes! Brushes are very important as well! I recently bought the new Jaclyn Hill  brush collection since I had to replace quite a few brushes in my collection. Luckily it also came with a beautiful, sturdy case. I always bring three extra eye brushes, an eyebrow brush, and a brush to do cut creases, you just never know! Other than that I just stick with the basics and bring one brush for each thing. I have my go-to blush brush, bronzer, etc. Overall, I think it’s important to just remember to only bring the necessities for you.


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  1. I totally agree on the travel-sized makeup! I always save up my Sephora points for times when they’re offering extra minis and more free samples, then I take all of those on my travels!

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